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Wat is voedselintolerantie?

I have numerous customers who come to see me with different stomach inconveniences. A portion of the basic ones are squeamish, stomach throb, indigestion or acid reflux. Customers ask me what causes these distresses and how would they be able to deal with assistance reduce manifestations. Numerous distresses can be stayed away from in the event that you understand what your triggers are. In this post I am zeroing in on what is food prejudice and what is food hypersensitivity? What is the distinction? Your stomach was worked to be your long lasting companion; tragically this isn’t generally the situation. There are numerous circumstances that can cause stomach trouble. As a rule, individuals have food narrow mindedness or food sensitivities that they are unconscious of. You are most likely scratching your head asking yourself what is the distinction? What is Food Intolerance? Food narrow mindedness is unique in relation to food sensitivity. Food bigotry is the point at which you have issues with processing certain food varieties like dairy items, gluten or grains contain gluten, beans, and cabbage since they can cause gas development. The food generally sits in your stomach attempting to process longer than typical. Food bigotry is more normal than food hypersensitivities. What are Food Allergies? This is the big deal! This is the point at which the body’s reaction to allergens in food (like eggs, tree nuts, milk, shellfish, strawberries and tomatoes) cause the invulnerable framework to have a hypersensitive response, raising the degree of histamine in the blood. The proteins in the food can’t be separated during the cooking cycle, or by the corrosive in the stomach or intestinal stomach related compounds. The allergens go into the gastrointestinal coating, at that point the circulation system and cause unfavorably susceptible responses all through the body and assault the invulnerable framework. For certain individuals, these food varieties can make them go into anaphylactic stun. About 3% of grown-ups and 6-8% of kids have clinically demonstrated hypersensitive responses. Youngsters may outgrow their food hypersensitivities, yet grown-ups don’t. Most food hypersensitivities are hereditary and normally the two guardians have food sensitivities. Another indication of food sensitivities is being overweight. Did you realize that individuals who have a food prejudice can without much of a stretch put on overabundance weight? A great many people don’t understand that they have food sensitivities. It normally gets going with food desires; sugar, wheat, corn, dairy, nuts, sugar, and so on Food bigotry causes weight acquire that will not fall off until the individual dispenses with the difficult food varieties from their eating routine. Clinical Intervention A simple food hypersensitivity test can be gotten at your doctor’s, allergist’s or immunologist’s office. A modest quantity of food extricate, generally beginning with the most well-known allergens – wheat, dairy, soy, corn, and nuts – is infused into the skin. On the off chance that the skin responds as hive, this means that a food hypersensitivity. For a more broad testing, blood is attracted to look a…

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